29 October 2009

Natural Cure for Loose Motion

Make a strong tea decoction and have it once or twice to control loose motion immediately.

19 October 2009

Baby Clothes

The house is filled with baby clothes. I am running out of space to keep all the clothes that come as gift for the new born. Maybe we made a mistake renting this small place. The house location is good with an adjacent park and greenery around. But the house is too small.

After Abhay Charan is born I am finding it increasingly difficult to adjust in this small house. It is high time we look for a bigger house in the same locality. It is difficult to get a good house in Chennai for a reasonably good rent. We had to reject 38 houses before we settled for this one. I wonder how long it will take to get another house.

15 October 2009

Bathing Baby Without Making it Cry

Lately I have figured out a way to bathe the baby without making him cry. This is how you do it.

  1. Keep ready his towel, clothes and other things required for and after the bath.
  2. Take lukewarm water in a tub with a mug to pour water on the baby.
  3. Sit on a short stool in the bathroom, keep the baby on your bare thighs balancing him with your left hand.
  4. With your right hand start pouring water on him starting from the feet and gradually rising up to the neck. This is to avoid startling him with water.
  5. Once he is comfortable with water use gram flour paste to clean him. This is better than soap as the flour does not dry baby's skin.
  6. Try to do this quickly because babies get chill very fast.
  7. Now rinse the paste with plenty of water and swaddle him in a warm towel.
  8. Bring him to his bed and remove the towel from the lower part of his body and wrap his nappy. Then proceed to bare his torso to dress him up.
  9. And finally, do not forget to sing your favorite song through out his bathing session. This helps to relax the baby.

14 October 2009

To Increase Breast Feed for the Baby

Oats porridge is good to increase breast feed. Next best things is to fry uncooked boiled rice in a pan till it turns golden, grind it in a blender, boil the ground powder in water for a few minuits, add milk, sugar and a pince of salt to make rice porridge. This is also very good to increase breast feed.

Teachings of Lord Kapila

Being a bhakta doesn't simply mean wearing tilaka and robes. One is not abhakta if he has a taste for material sense enjoyment.
TLK Vs 25-26

Colic babies

Babies are such fun to be with. I believe 'colic baby' is not a right term to refer to crying babies for there is really no melencoly in these little ones. Mostly we mothers fail to notice what is creating discomfort to them. If we are careful to keep track of their reqirements and their discomforts, every baby can be a happy baby.
"Colic baby' term makes it look as though some babies are born with that quality which I strongly believe is a false perception.

13 October 2009

Its a Boy!

He was born on 12th August. Since then I have not been able to find any leisure time. He is sleeping right now and is likely to wake up any minute.

It is such to joy to have a baby of your own. I used to baby sit many of my friends' babies. It used to be an enjoyable task. At the end they would take their babies back. For some time after my baby was born I was thinking that some will take the baby back. It took some time before it sunk in me that he is there to stay.

We have named him Abhay Charan. He is smiling looking at faces already. His father is his favorite. He is excited when ever he sees his father.