08 June 2009

Anarta Nivriti for Chanting

Most often we feel discouraged that in spite of chanting for so many years we have not developed any taste for chanting. Some also give up chanting due to this. The reason why we have not yet got the taste for chanting due to our anartas.

Everyone of us is full with six anartas (contamination) that is blocking our progressive path in chanting of the holy name.

They are:
  1. Kama - Lust - strong desire to enjoy with our senses
  2. Krodha - Anger - when we donot get what we desire anger arises
  3. Lobha - Greed - Greed not only for material pocessions but also greed for name, fame and recognition
  4. Moha - Illusion - not realising everyone is a spirit soul part and parcel of Krishna
  5. Madha - Madness - intoxicated by pride of achievement
  6. Matsarya - Enviousness - not realising everyone belongs to Krishna and that everyone is to be enjoyed only by Krishna.
Unless we realise that we have these anartas in us and work towards minimising them we will not develop nishta(determination) or ruchi(taste) in chanting.


gayathri said...

Good Article.How do we know we have developed a taste in chanting without degrading? All the six Anarthas mentioned are completely controllable for Grahasthas?

Star said...

If we are able to chant continuously -kirtaniya sada hari and that if the holy name tastes like the sweetest mango you have ever eaten, then we can say we have developed some taste for the holy name.

Yes, irrespective of who we are, everyone of us have the capability to get rid of these anartas.

Eli said...

How can you get rid of them?