18 April 2009

Ignorance and Pride Go Ill Together

The ignorant are supposedly the ones who assume great amount of self importance. This has been my latest realization in my path towards understanding human life in its pursuit of the Divine.
Ignorance maybe defined as a temporary dark state that the light of knowledge can drive away to create a permanent realized state. Hence one may see, being ignorant is not a sin nor is it a permanent phenomenon.
However the pre-requisite for acquiring knowledge is humility. In Tamil language there is a maxim that say, 'katradhu kaimann alavu, kalladadu kadal alavu'. This means a knowledgeable person is aware that what he has learnt is equal to a hand full of soil where as what is not learnt is as vast as a ocean. The more one learns the more he is convinced of this maxim.
On the other hand, an ignorant person with false prestige is of the opinion that he know a lot and his bloated ego does not permit him to acknowledge anybody else as more learned than himself. The Tamil maxim I mentioned above makes no sense to him. Such people will neither learn from others nor will they allow others to plan anything beyond their (the ignorant) knowledge.
The ultimate result is that such people will block all the developmental activities taking place in any organization they may be involved in. Above all if these people are strong in muscle power, they become a threat to the very existence for those involved in the organization.
This is one of the main reasons that many welfare organizations that started with noble objectives roll back after some time. Therefore one may conclude that when a joint venture or a group assignment is taken, one should take care to choose his partners with similar intellectual capability with humility and similar goal deep inside their heart. Failing to do so will only result in all efforts going for a waste.

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Sangeetha said...

Hi, Im very delighted reading your posts. I have similar interests and hence find the religious articles very involving.

Happy Posting :) Continue to do so.