29 April 2009

Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 1.8.43

This discourse is on the last stanza of Queen Kunti's Prayers from Srimad Bhagavatam given by HG. Stoka Krishna Prabhu in Chennai.

śrī-krsna krsna-sakha vrsny-rsabhāvani-dhrug-
yogeśvarākhila-guro bhagavan namas te

O Krsna, O friend of Arjuna, O chief amongst the descendants of Vrsni, You are the destroyer of those political parties which are disturbing elements on this earth. Your prowess never deteriorates. You are the proprietor of the transcendental abode, and You descend to relieve the distresses of the cows, the brāhmanas and the devotees. You possess all mystic powers, and You are the preceptor of the entire universe. You are the almighty God, and I offer You my respectful obeisances.

Sri Krishna is the possessor of unlimited opulences. 'Sri' indicates unlimited opulences. Today we use 'Sri' to refer to anyone with out any reservations. But it is appropriate only for Sri Krishna for He is 'Sarva loka anishvaram'-proprietor of all planets. Govinda, the proprietor of Goloka sometime comes to the material world. Goloka has unlimited Surabhi cows.These cows give unlimited milk which tastes like nectar. Krishna is engaged in taking care of these cows.

People wonder as how God can be a cow herd boy. Generally in India we tell a good-for-nothing boy to go and graze cows. Then how to understand Krishna is the Supreme Lord?

Kunti Maharani is saying the Lord who is tending to the cow in not an ordinary person. He comes from Chintamani Dhama. We simply cannot imagine a place where every building is built with gems. Krishna is served by 1000s of Lakshmis.Krishna is not a poverty stricken cowherd boy. He comes to the matrial world out of compasion for the living entities.

He is identified by those who have love for Him. Hence it is mentioned 'Krishna Saka'. He is particularly pleased when He is addressed in relationship with his devotees because of His love for them. He appeared in Vrishni dynasty where his devotee Vasudeva appeared.

There were some rebellious kings who were creating disturbances on earth. Krishna destroyed the dynasities of such kings.

apavarga-vīrya- Krishna's power never diminishes. Hiranyakashipu was so powerful that he even challenged Lord Brahma.But when Lord Narasimha came Hiranyakashipu's power became useless.The demon challenge out of ingnorance. The source all power is Krishna.

Krishna descend to protects cows, brahmanas and his devotees. He declares in Bhagavad Gita that His devotee never perishes. But people may now ask why Krishna has not come now? There are so many rebellious rulers on earth.

Krishna has come in a different kind of incarnation. 'Kali kale nama rupa'- He has come in the form of His holy name. So simply chanting His holy name we can get all protection just like who devotees got protection in Dwapara Yuga.

To cite an example Srila Prabhupada went to USSR and instructed one boy called Ananta Shanti Dasa. Ananta Shanti Dasi started to chant and preach Krishna Consiousness. The government tried to stop him but he didnt stop. As the preaching spread the communist government fell down due to holy name. If we take shelter of the holy name we will be protected just like it happened 5000 years ago when Krishna was here.

Chanting of the holy name will destroy the demoniac mentality in people. It is very powerful, we may not be able to percieve it. Sankirtana Movement is not able to be stopped by anyone because it is non different form Krishna Himself.

yogeśvarā- Krishna is the source of all mystic powers. Krishna and His holy name- this combination is full of opulences. This means absolutely no scarcity. He is the master of all opulences. His devotee who chant His holy name everyday have no scarcity.

ākhila-guro bhagavan namas te- Krishna is the master of the entire Universe and the pocessor of all opulences. He protects His devotees and His protection is spiritual and not material.

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