15 May 2009

Mylapore Adikesava Perumal Temple, Chennai

Long ago sage Bhrigu and a host of rishis were engrossed in a severe penance at a spot located near Brindaranya kshetra. An execrable and depraved by robust demon named Madhu disgorged the sages from their hermitage.

The demon was entranced by the picturesque spot. He directed the asura architect Mayan to create a splendid city which he named Mayurapuri. It became the metropolis of the asuras domains

The sages who were the victims of the asura’s wrath sought asylum at the lotus feet of Kshirapthi Natha. Mahavishnu allayed their apprehensions and vanquished the demons. The sages conducted a ‘Sayana Yajna’ in honor of the victory.

The Lord appeared before the sages thereby glorified as ‘Sayana Keshava’. The place where the Almighty gave darshan to the sages is the present day Mylapore, a bustling and populous part of Chennai.

Mayurapuri Mahatmaya, an integral part of the Garuda Purana, furnishes a descriptive account of this episode. The fourth chapter of Garuda Purana narrates how Goddess Lakshmi took up her residence at this hallowed place under the name Mayuravalli Thayar.

Sage Bhrigyu observed a meticulous penance invoking Mahavishnu. The Lord bade Mahalakshmi to appear as a child in the sage’s hermitage.

Adikeshava Perumal temple is situated at a distance of one furlong from the renowned Kapaleeswara temple in Chennai. The temple occupying an area of 1.5 acres houses two main sanctums and numerous shrines dedicated to subsidiary deities.

Worship is conducted six time a day adhering to the principles of Vaikanasa Agama.

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