22 August 2013

Well behaved toddlers in the West

I really wonder how the toddlers in the West are well behaved. Indian toddlers, for example my son can get nasty with other kids. His behavior is unpredictable when he is taken out especially to a supermarket. But it is not the case with those born in the West.

However, the older children are not as well behaved as the toddlers are. But nevertheless I would love to learn how toddlers are trained. 

My First Week at Edinburgh

We reached Edinburgh. Relocating had been quite a task. The journey was more difficult. There has to be another post to recount my first time international travel experience. Here I will write about only my initial impressions.

First of all, it is chilly here. The summer at Edinburgh is colder than the winter at Bangalore.

Secondly, the place is clean and well organised.

Then, there are a few Indian stores where you get almost everything from India.

There are a few things I find it difficult. These places are not very comfortable for vegetarians. Though, vegetarianism is catching up, it is still a long way to go. Egg is considered vegetarian which is misleading when you try to buy biscuits and chocolates. |You cannot go with the label that says, 'Suitable for Vegetarians.'

There is too much of smoking in the streets. Passive smoking is definitely a health hazard here. Lastly I find people very independent and very much to themselves. There were days back home all of us would have hated nosey neighbors. But now I wouldn't mind a few of them around me.

There are flowers all around the place but I am not sure if I can pick them. A flower bouquet costs a minimum of 3 pounds. I feel sad that there are not enough flowers for offering. Yesterday, for Sri Balarama Jayanthi, I purchased a rose bouquet and offered the petals to Sri Jagannath, Baladev and Shubadra Mayi.