21 November 2014

The Apparent Paradox: Self-confidence and Humility

HG Mahatma (ACBSP) dasa: The Apparent Paradox: Self-confidence and Humility How do we maintain self-confidence, yet feel ourselves a fool before our spiritual master? How can we be confident and simultaneously feel unqualified to serve Krishna? Arent self-confident people somewhat proud or arrogant?

We are ordinary people engaged in an extraordinary process, a process that will make us extraordinary. Thus, our confidence lies not in ourselves, but in the power of the process of bhakti.

With Krishnas divine power and intelligence guiding us, we know we will succeed.... I can feel lowly, even useless, yet still be confident that Krishna can use me to do wonderful service. Its even possible, by the grace of the guru, that a disciple can do more than his spiritual master, even though feeling totally unqualified to serve (actually, he does so much because of feeling unqualified to serve). Externally, Prabhupada achieved more than his guru. Yet, he always gave credit to his spiritual master.

Its interesting to note that Prabhupada writes in the Bhagavatam that he is hopeful one of his disciples will become pure enough to take him back to Godhead......

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