02 November 2014

Homeschool - Krishna's Ornaments : Bhagavad Gita and Bhagavatam worksheets for 4-5 yr old kids

Here are a few worksheet to teach 4-5 year old kids about the transcendental ornaments of Lord Krishna.

  • Kids can look at the picture of Krishna on the first page and guess the missing ornaments.
  • They can attempt to draw the ornaments themselves.
  • Parents or carers can cut out the ornaments in the second page and ask them paste those on Krishna's picture.
  • Kids may be made familiar with the names of the ornaments.
  • In addition they can draw Kausthuba jewel and a pearl necklace.
  • Krishna and His ornaments may be coloured and further decorated.
  • Pastimes related to the ornaments can be discussed. Eg: Kausthuba jewel was offered to Krishna by the naga patnis, wives of Kalia serpent, Krishna's Vaijayanthi mala is made up of 5 kinds of flowers... 
  • In the last page, kids can try to match the names of the ornaments with the pictures. This exercise is more suitable for those who are familiar with reading.
Hope this will help our children to meditate on the transcendental ornaments of Lord Krishna.

Krishna's Ornaments Worksheet

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