19 June 2009

Japa Seminar: The Tenth Offense

Inattentiveness in Chanting

  • This is called the mother of all offenses.
  • For the inattentiveness we show to the Holy Name we will have to pay for it in compound interest later.
  • All our misfortune stems from inattentiveness in chanting
Types of inattentiveness

  • Negligence
  • Carelessness
  • Chanting unconsciously
Consciousness mean 'present'. Chanting is the present. We should not be thinking about the past or future while chanting.

Take shelter of the holy name while chanting. If we chant with a focused mind we will be able to see results like how a magnifying glass focuses light rays to produce fire.

By chanting casually we are in fact feeding our anartas. Put your heart and soul into chanting as though this is your last chance to chant.

The sastra says the 16 syllable Hare Krishna Mahamantra is our deliverer. But due to negligence if do not chant the 16 syllables properly we cannot get the promised result.

Inattentiveness is like slow poisoning. It kills the soul's natural propensity to serve. Chant one mantra at a time giving attention to all the 16 syllables.

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