18 June 2009

Japa Seminar contd...

  • Harinama is like chintamani, touch stone but we are in constant chinta for money.
  • Every day we are on a war with our beads to some how complete 16 rounds.
  • Most often we feel that before taking to chanting we were experiencing less anxiety. Now we are constantly feeling anxiety to chant. An unused room looks seemingly clean but when you start cleaning it you can see dust and dirt come out of it. Similarly we may feel we were better when we were not chanting. After chanting, all the anartas are coming out of us. Like when the milk ocean was churned by the devas and asuras, at first the deadly kalakuta poison came out then came Nectar. Likewise when we chant, first our anartas will come out then the sweetness of the Holyname can be relished.
  • Chanting should be done in LCD process
  • L- Loudly
  • C- Clearly
  • D- Desperately and Distinctly.

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