20 April 2009

Riding in East Coast Road (ECR)

After I became pregnant we hardly went on bike rides. Last weekend we make an exception. My husband and I went for a happy ride on the East Coast Road (ECR) at late night after dinner. Sweltering heat and high humidity in Chennai drives everyone out doors. We were no exception.

This is my first summer in Chennai. Everyone has warned me against Chennai's summer but none of those warning had actually prepared me for the magnitude of discomfort it can give. By God's grace we have an AC fitted in our bedroom. Otherwise I would feel as though I am sleeping in a furnace.

Though I live very close to ECR, it is only recently that I got to go on that road. ECR is one of the happening roads in Chennai. Every other diversion on the left side of ECR leads to the golden beaches of Chennai. The entire stretch is studded with cool resorts and eat outs. Either side of the road is decorated with inviting drive-ins and shops that sell cool clothes.

We saw a row of shops that make elegant looking cane furniture. This was followed by a few shops selling terracotta stuff for decorating our homes. There were beautiful hanging chimes that make auspicious sounds. It can be hung on the ceiling or in the garden.

Next we came across a couple of sellers selling flower pots and saplings on the pavements. They had some rare and expensive plants. We couldn't buy anything there as they had closed sales for the day.

Throughout the ride the breeze was cool and welcoming. There was an eat out called Delhi Dhaba which was very crowded. I wondered what was going on inside because there was a lot of noise from there. Some how I am put off when an eat-out is named Dhaba. It makes me skeptical about the place, so we didn't check out on this.

Next we saw an open movie theater called 'Prarthana'. Its a cool place. You just have to go there and watch a movie in their giant size projection simply sitting in your car or on your bike or on the floor under the open sky. What better way to enjoy a sultry evening in Chennai. For a person like me from a smaller town all this is like magic and I am having a good time exploring it with my husband.

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