29 May 2009

Varsana - the place where Shrimati Radharani enacted Her pastimes

Vilas Garh – Radha and Krishna used to enact Their pastimes here

Vihara Kunda – This is one of the meeting places of Shri Krishna and Shrimati Radharani

Shriji Temple – The main temple in Barsana where Shri Shri Larly Lal are worshipped

Sankari Kor – Here Krishna would stop the gopis and collect taxes from them

Pili Pokhar/Priya Sarovar – Here Radharani washed Her hands to get rid of mehandi applied by Yashoda Maiya. So by Her touch the water here became little greenish yellow in colour

Mayur Kuti – Krishna pacified Radharani's anger here by dancing like a peacock

This is the part of daily activities at Chiksauli
Gahvar Kunda

Dohvani Kunda – On the bank of this kunda, cows would be milked. Radharani used to play here with her Sakhis

Chiksauli – Chitra Sakhi's Village

Chitra Sakhi's House

Ashtasakhi Temple – From Krishna's side (clockwise direction) Lalita, Vishakha, Chitra, Champaklata, Rangdevi, Sungdevi, Tungavidya, Indulekha and Shrimati Radharani


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All clear now! Thanks, they are great.