17 April 2009

Amway experience

I have heard so much about Amway that to me it had become a word that I should run away from. But surprisingly it is not so bad after all. A person known to us introduced me to Amway products. I am very impressed with it.

Especially their Home Care products are very good. I am also impressed with their Nutrilite products but in India it is very expensive. I do have Nutrilite Protein drink and their Calmag and Iron folic tablets right now but I am not sure if I would continue it after my pregnancy is over. Because I may not be able to afford such high price for a health drink. I wish they could make it a little more affordable.

I was surprised they had already brought to the market phosphate free cleaners. WHO has asked the detergent manufactures to come out with an alternative only by 2010. I like Amway products.

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