23 April 2009

Hypocritical DMK

There’s a lot of hue and cry about Sri Lankan Tamils being killed and displaced in the war between LTTE and Sri Lankan army. Tamil Nadu government has called for a state level bandh today protesting against the atrocities on Tamils. But the irony of the incident is, the same Mr. Karunanidhi, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is also an indirect cause for these atrocities. Let me say how:

The Congress government in New Delhi is said to have provided all arms and ammunitions including tankers to the Sri Lankan army. Ms Sonia Gandhi sought her revenge on LTTE for killing her husband Rajiv Gandhi. These were transported via Tamil Nadu by goods train to Thiruvananthapuram and hence forth went to Lanka by ship.

If this was prevented by the Chief Minister then, the Lankan army would have been ill equipped to carry out such an atrocious operation on the civilians. The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister being the supreme hypocrite permitted the clandestine arms deal and today for the sake of elections he is shedding crocodile tears for Lankan Tamils. Shame on him!

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