23 April 2009

Vettaiyadu Vilayadu

“An expanded mind is never contracted”. How true!

Sometime back I was traveling in bus and there was a movie shown to entertain the passengers. They had screened a movie called ‘Vettaiyadu Vilayadu’ directed by Gautham Menon featuring Kamal Hassan and Jyothika.

The movie is a thriller showing two psychopath killers on a spree of rape and murder. Some of the scenes in the movie were highly disturbing to me. Especially the one in which the killers suspend a finger of the victim in her boy friend’s car.

I watched this movie a couple of years ago. But somehow last night I was haunted by these images. My foolish mind put me in the victim’s position and I was driven to my wit’s end. So much that I had to seek the help of my husband to put my mind at ease.

I really wonder why such disturbing movies are taken. I wouldn’t watch it if given a choice. But on a bus you are forced to watch it when the noise of the movie is deafening you. Kids should be kept away from such disturbances or else they would suffer the trauma as I had to last night.

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