18 April 2009

IPL Setback

Radhika was waiting for Rajeev's call. Her roommates have all gone to sleep. It was already 11.30pm. Even Soha who usually speaks in whispers up to midnight was asleep. Soha looked very upset. Maybe the obvious would have happened.

Radhika was unable to concentrate on the romance between the dark and handsome baron with the fragile and beautiful antique shop owner girl from Mills and Boon that she was reading. It was a decisive day. After a long standing three year relationship with Rajeev, only today she was successful in making him decide to talk to his father about their marriage. This should not be yet another incident of dodging that he has been doing for quite some time now.

The cell phone rang. Radhika covered the ringer with her fingers so that her roommates do not wake up.

"Hello" she said.

"Ah Hello. So did your have your dinner?" Rajeev asked.

The time was 11.45 pm.

"Yes I had." she answered.

"Did you park your vehicle inside your hostel?" he asked.

"Yes I did." She spoke gritting her teeth.

"Your roommates have slept?" he continued.

"Yes they have. Did you speak to your father?" she asked impatiently.

He drew a long breath and sighed.

"I called him at 7. He was out. Then my roommates and I were watching IPL finals. By the time match got over it became too late. Hey..."

He heard the call end in a beep on the other end.

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