18 April 2009

Real Love

Let’s look at a typical day of a normal man. He wakes up in the morning. Exchanges loving smiles with his wife. Peps up his children. All, together get ready to move out of the house to take care of their respective jobs. At office, he answers his boss, encourages his subordinates and befriends his equals. Back home, tired, tries to help his wife in household work, helps children to cope up with modern day academic issues. Time to bed. Happy that his day went well.
In this typical day if one notices from the time he has woken he has been serving someone or the other. To start with he serves his family, then his office and again his family. One can say that our life is designed in such a way to simply live by serving the other. Now it is time to look at our own lives. Try to see what percentage of your time is used to serve people around you and the percentage used to enjoy yourself. Most often enjoying oneself has also been via the modes of serving someone else. Like for example one enjoys fulfillment by giving to others. Here again it is service that seems to give one the required happiness.
However there is one hitch in serving. We often hear people call someone else ungrateful. It is likely that those who accept service may forget about it where as one who has rendered service may remember it as fresh as green apple. This results in disillusionment and despair.Now I will give the spiritual explanation for this situation. As per the Vedic literature, every individual is a spirit soul. He is not the body. The soul falsely identifies with the body. The soul is part and parcel of God as Lord Krishna says in Bhagavad-Gita, 'mamaivamsa jivaloke' which means 'the soul is part and parcel of me (Krishna)'. The relationship between God and the living being is that of master and the servitor. The living entity needs to serve God in order to attain eternal happiness.
Serving anybody other than God gives happiness but it is temporary. Being the part and parcel of Lord Krishna it is required for the part to be with the whole in order to experience bliss. For instance what is the use of a nut or a bolt that has fallen off a machine? It gains importance for itself only when it is in its position in the machine. The independent soul tries to get back the same love it has experienced with God from every living entity it is coming across in this world but unfortunately it is cheated for only God Himself is capable of returning that unconditional love that each of us are hankering for.
Hence becoming a servant of God is neither new or an awkward stand for we are anyway servant to many in this world. So it is rather a privilege to be called the servant of God. That way we can be free of disillusionment that arises from unrequited love which is so common among the humans.

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