14 April 2009

Life revolves around home

I am a housewife for now. I am going through the best part of my life - expecting my baby in next few months. After a bout of morning sickness that got me to shift from one house to another, now I am feeling normal except for some back aches occasionally and some swelling in my feet.

My husband and I were previously living close to a garbage yard. We had rented that house not being aware of the garbage yard close by. The house itself was good with two bedrooms and all facilities. But there used to be stench from the dumping yard. Adding to the misery was the buffalo herds that use to parade everyday through the house to graze in the garbage yard.

We decided to move out of that area and launched a house hunt. After seeing 35 houses we ended up in the present house. Our adventures while looking out for a house can in itself become the subject of another post. Ultimately we are now in our present little house which is not big but comfortable. It is in a decent locality and ocean is just 500 meters away from where I live.

My life revolves around my home mostly. I have beautiful set of deities on my altar to whom I offer regular prayers and services. Here is the picture of my home altar:

I worship the beautiful forms of Sri Sri Radha Krishna and Sri Jagannatha Baladeva and Subhadra Devi. From today Tulasi Jala daan starts. Offering water to Tulasi plant this month is considered very auspicious. I made arrangement for this in my terrace today. This seva can be done for the entire month.

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